Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Kachin Development Group (KDG) a profit organization?

A. Kachin Development Group (KDG) is a non-profit organization working for community.

Q. Is KDG a youth organization?

A. KDG is a non-profit organization founded by dedicated youth leaders from different Kachin youth organizations in the country at a three-day Kachin Youth Consultation Meeting held in Maija Yang, Kachin state in 2005.

Q. What is the main area of work of KDG?

A. KDG is a development organization working on the community development addressing the immediate needs of the community members. Since the conflict resumes in 2011 resulting tens of thousands of populations mainly from rural areas to flee their home villages and thus humanitarian crisis has emerged, KDG has plunged into humanitarian response action since then.

Q. How many staff and volunteers are working currently at KDG?

A. The number of staff and volunteers depends on the volume of work of programmes. Currently there are 65 full-time staff and more than 30 part-time and volunteers at KDG.

Q. Does KDG work with international organizations – INGOs?

A. KDG also works with INGOs, National NGOs, local partners and community-based organizations as well as those who acknowledge and share the same value of our local capacity and local needs identified by local communities and KDG.

Q. Does KDG involve in any network or alliance with other organizations?

A. Currently KDG is a member of local humanitarian network called “Joint Strategy Team (JST)” and other consortium with local, national and international organizations.

Q. Is KDG a registered organization? If not then why?

A. KDG is not a registered organization because KDG is founded in non-government control area in the Sino-Myanmar border town where there is no facility and provision for any organization to have registration.

Q. Does KDG have previous years’ financial audit record?

A. KDG keeps proper records of all the expenditure records and there is internal auditing system within KDG. Upon the request of donors, KDG is willing to provide all the financial records and external public auditing. As per requirement of the donors KDG’s financial management team take the responsibility of sending the receipts and vouchers directly to the concerned account of donating agencies.

Q. Did KDG ever has any financial mismanagement records in implementing local community projects?

A. KDG has its own financial policy and uphold the policy with utmost care and hence hasn’t ever been experience any financial mismanagement since its founding year, as well as did not every receive any complain from the donors and partners.

Q. Does the local authorities [Kachin Independence Organization (KIO)] allow KDG to work freely in its control areas?

A. So far KDG hasn’t receive any warning, restriction, and complain from the local authorities.

Q. KDG is a development organization. Why then KDG engage on humanitarian relief work?

A. While implementing its development projects, KDG is also engaging on relief work on the other based on the needs of the local situation where we merely see any other humanitarian organization in the locality.

Q. Is KDG motivated by political influence of the local political situation?

A. More than half century long civil war in the country has resulted untold miseries and losses to the local population in the country particularly in Kachin state and northern Shan state. This is the main factor that drives Kachin youth leaders to form KDG to work for socio-economic recovery and humanitarian assistance of conflict affected communities.